So today I was back at the dentist, getting the first of three fillings done.  This one is the easy peasy one, or so I gather from the dentist.  So in about 3 Cranberries songs (they give you a CD player and headphones to listen to while they work) they were all done.  The whole process was about 20 minutes, although now I'm left with a pretty numb right side of my tongue.

I'm not looking forward to Thursday, but I am happy that this process is infinitely less painful (outside of a needle prick) than it used to be as a kid.

When I was younger I fought ever having a shot, which meant simply giving me some gas and going to work.  Most of the time I really didn't feel anything, but there was one particular cavity that was painful (and in retrospect I should have gotten Novocaine).

Of course as luck would have it these last two fillings are to replace two fillings on that relatively painful tooth some ten years ago... Fillings don't last forever, I suppose.


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