I'd put off watching Labyrinth the movie in it's entirety for years. I'm not a fan of singing in movies and I'm indifferent to David Bowie, so the idea of him running around singing in a movie that would otherwise be awesome put me off for quite some time.

So at Wealthy Theatre they were playing it last night and Chris and I went.  There wasn't nearly as much singing as I thought there would be, but the movie made up for that with crotch-shots of Bowie in tights.

Outside of that, the movie was good, given what it was and when it was made. I've always liked the puppets (Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock, The Muppets to name a few) and I've always been a fan of fantasy critters, so it's still surprising I'd never watched the movie in one sitting before.

As a bonus, I apparently had an art book by Brian Froud and Terry Jones that was on the characters from the movie (The Goblin Companion) for the past ten years and had no idea. Oops.

Leki liked the book though!


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