In the morning I baked some mini-cheesecakes to take to Kati & John's for their annual Memorial BBQ.

Then I spent a pretty large chunk of the day hanging out in the apartment, playing Lord of the Rings Online and waiting for the mail to arrive. 

It seemed like the wait took forever..and the mail didn't arrive until around 4pm. And then - the Android tablet (Eken M001) arrived, straight from China.  There's a decent mod community forums we've both been reading and it will be exciting to do some of the tweaks and modifications others are having success with.

Now I have to admit - Chris had originally pointed this thing out to me, and ordered it first.  And somehow mine shipped and made it to the states before his even left China.
He got to spend some time playing around with the tablet, loading applications and checking out comic readers that are available. Honestly, he has an easier time reading things it than I do - must be that whole vision impaired thing.

After that we rode our bikes down to Palmer Park and enjoyed some tasty Jimmy Johns. There were more ups and downs than riding straight along on Kent Trails, but that's ok.  The nice sub for dinner and just being out and about makes up for it.

All in all this has been a fantastic Saturday - packed full of all sorts of little awesomeness.


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