Awhile back I had to rebuild my main computer and as a result I have a few spare parts left over.  Ok, not a few. I had enough to rebuild another machine.  So the other day I tried and determined that it was really likely an issue with the motherboard and/or processor.  Luckily I had a spare processor, but not a spare motherboard. So had to purchase a motherboard and heatsink.

Well they arrived the other day and I set to trying to build the machine.  Everything is slapped into the case, but there are still a few things I need to troubleshoot, since I'm getting no video.

Not a super rush, since it's not a primary machine. I'll likely tinker with it Monday again. 

Later the car got a bath, not administered by me.  Chris is much more diligent (and rightfully so) about keeping up on the maintenance of my new car.  So while we were out yesterday evening we swung into a self-wash station and he washed the car.


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