I finished up my week with a visit to my primary care physician for a yearly physical.  I'd already visited the dentist earlier this week and managed to walk with two more appointments for fillings, but I thought for sure I'd get away with no additional appointments today. I was wrong.  I've now been referred to a hand specialist for the issues I've had with my wrist for the last two years.  Hopefully it will be a relatively easy problem to fix.  And what I mean by that is anything but surgery.

Later in the day I used the dough I'd made yesterday in the bread machine (refrigerated over night, of course) to make some doughnuts.  I learned quickly that if you want to make jelly doughnuts, you put the jelly filling in after you fry the doughnut, not before. I ended up with a lot of deep fried strawberry jelly. heh.


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