When we got up in the morning at the hotel in Traverse City, we saw that it had rained, although not much.  

I'd been up since around 4:30 in the morning and was more or less ready to leave the hotel, so we left by 10 and were off to find breakfast and headed back to the park.  A part of me would have liked to have stayed and visited a few wineries, but knowing we needed to drive back to Grand Rapids and wanting to go back to Sleeping Bear Dunes, it wasn't worth waiting around for a few hours for the tasting rooms to open. 

So we drove back across to the park and hike a trail.  Yesterday we'd more or less just enjoyed the beach and the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive at the park.  So today was a day to enjoy hiking one of the trails.  I picked Platte Plains because I knew Chris liked the look of pine plantations and the trail goes through a part of one.  

We got to see a lot of work that the beavers had done to some trees and even saw some critter resting out and about in the lake.  I'm not 100% sure what it was, but it was still cool. 

There were plenty of critters to see - birds, snakes, butterflies, and more.  And lovely sights to hold.  It was a really peaceful, fun walk. 

The loop we did was more or less 4.5 miles, so since I kept stopping to take photos and the like it took us a few hours.

after that we headed over to Glen Arbor so I could hit up Cherry Republic, a winery, and then we were off back on our way home to assure Leki and Peppy we were still there to give them food and attention. 

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