Monday morning we woke to the sounds of thunder and rain.  Leki was his usual self, virtually unphased by either one.  Since the weather was bad to go out and have a picnic, I set to finishing off the extra tower that was lying around in the office.

That took up a large chunk of the morning and I finally eliminated a bad CPU and reset all the components (it's a tight fit in that case).

We then headed out to get another monitor, since all of the ones in the apartment were in use and really...CRTs are a smidge heavy and large for my glass desk.

Once we snagged one of those I finished setting up the computer Leki needed a nap - it's exhausting napping in all those new places!

We spent part of the afternoon playing Lord of the Rings Online.  Honestly, that was my main motivator to finish off this computer.  So we played around in Middle Earth with a classic tank/healer combo.

Chris also spent some time with his new tablet and he was able to make some changes to some files he was loading so now they're snappier and the tablet works smoother.  He has some thoughts posted here (complete with audio!).


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