The Humble Indie Bundle is a bundle of indie games that run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.  They are currently up to 6 games available that all come with a donation price you set on the website.They are, as stated, all indie games AND all DRM-free (which is a very awesome).

I've been reading about these for a few days and had previously missed my opportunity to name my price and download World of Goo.  I'd played this game on the Wii was was very, very impressed with this puzzle game.  So when I saw a pack with even more indie games I had to donate and check them out.

Between school and work I haven't had a whole lot of opportunity to check out all the games, but I did make sure to snag versions to play on all the operating systems we run at home (and consequently, I run on the netbook I take everywhere).

I'd really recommend checking out the games on The Humble Indie Bundle website and consider making a donation. You can name your price - pennies or dollars - and they send you the download link (which you can keep for reference and re-downloading of the games if you need to).

You can choose to donate to the developers, Child's Play, or Electronic Frontier Foundation, or some breakdown between them, if you'd like.  I think it's important to support any developers that support DRM-free software.  I'm also a fan of indie ventures.  So this is awesome for two reasons! I really encourage you to check it out and consider making a donation.  It is totally worth it.


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