Flushed with recent success on the Snail Mail Notifier, I decided it was time to do something Halloween-themed. I stumbled across this Pimp Your Pumpkin project and thought that would be a great idea.

Well, I don't have a proximity sensor but I do have an ultrasonic sensor. So that means tweaking the code to work with the equipment I have.

I spent a little while getting everything to work properly, but I'm happy with the progress so far.

The default setting for the arduino will be to simulate a candle flicker. So an LED will blink on and off and, while installed in the pumpkin, will look like a candle flicker.

If something gets too close, a red (and hopefully more menacing) LED will turn on and a buzzer goes off. Unfortunately it's not a very scary noise, I'll have to think on how to fix that.

If you watch the Pimp Your Pumpkin project video you'll get the basic idea.

I'd like to actually have the arduino make an evil cackle, but I don't have the right equipment. So I'll settle for a buzzer. Maybe next year.

UPDATE: Parts 2 is up and the pumpkin is now complete!


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