It was awake most of the early morning on Saturday...  Finally around 3am I popped Monty Python's Quest of the Holy Grail (a classic I've seen many times) in an attempt to lull myself to sleep.  It worked, but I work up around 8:30 so most of the day I was more or less a zombie.

In the afternoon we headed over to the mall and caught a movie, then headed back home to work on a few things.  I poked around online in some video games and discovered my main character in Lord of the Rings Online was missing all her gear and money (a glitch or more likely the account was hacked).  *sigh*  Still, Turbine has always been pretty good with turn around time on any questions I've had so I don't really doubt that they'll have it sorted out and items restored in a few days. But with no gear or anything I just created a new character and checked out one of the new classes from their first expansion just to kill some time.

Chris suggested tasty Chinese dinner to cheer me up (being a zombie + main character being naked = sad and sleepy Jennifer).  It worked!  And the evening was pretty great.


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