There's a yarn show right next to the laundromat we use. It's called Threadbenders and honestly, I thought it was closed. It's kind of a poorly set up strip mall, so every time you walk past it the store looks dim and closed. Anyway, I wandered over and popped in. They have a lot of different stuff.

I walked away very confused.

Meanwhile Chris was doing laundry a few doors down. I used to hate going to the laundromat. Im still not keen on it (I'm a big fan of just leaving my laundry in the dryer until I need it which you can't do at a laundromat) but is growing on me. If nothing else it's a great opportunity to read.

Plus, I don't really do anything. Chris does everything except stuffing my clothes back in the dresser. So really, it's a awesome setup.

Once laundry was done we headed out to various part of Grand Rapids and looked at neighborhoods and various houses for sale. I'm sure we'll be back out tomorrow as well, working to whittle down a list of homes to something more reasonable than what we started with.

It was a long but productive day.


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