Yesterday Chris and I did some running around to pick up supplies for a crafting party I have this afternoon, so this morning we laid them out today to ensure everything would work right.
Chris was even kind enough to stain the miniature clothespins for me so they'd match the coloring of the paper (I was nervous about making a mess if left to my own devices so I'm happy he stained these for me).
Now technically this was a party to craft jewelry organizers, but I didn't really need one so I came prepared to craft something a little different.

The party was with several women I've known through twitter but have never met in person, so it was awesome to finally meet Amy (L), Jacqueline (Middle), and Erin (R). They're pretty damn amusing both on twitter and in person.

I had a really good time. Erin's husband Jared is super nice and awesome with the piano. Their dog Clapton is fantastically huge. Plus Jacqueline has an adorable little boy who seriously knows how to put on the charm.
It was a great way to spend the afternoon on New Year's Day. Plus now we have a photo thingie to hang in the bedroom. Bonus!


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