This is what a big chunk of my afternoon (in between sneezing fits) looked like: glass of water, box of tissues, and Mass Effect. Super thanks to Comfort and Adam who loaned me the game (after much praise on it's awesomeness). I'm a much larger fan of fantasy video games than of sci-fi (which is why I own Bioware's Dragon Age game and not their Mass Effect game) so I kind of glossed over this one in favor of ones with more dragon-slaying and sword-wielding. After four or so hours I realize that was a mistake. This game is badass. I just wish I felt better so I could play more. Stupid cold.

Later in the day, after much laying about acting like I was dying, I let the ferret out to run around and stash her toys. The stitching on the new egg is a little tight and she does have to try harder to grab it, but grab it she does and off to the various living room corners she goes. As a side note, if this blogpost is incoherent I blame the stuffy head combined with the pain I decided to put myself through by watching the GOP primary debate. I'm not ready for bed yet so what better way to wake up than by riling myself up listen to that? I may need shot soon though.


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