When I was a little kid, my mother tried to teach me various crafts with thread and yarn. I remember being taught to crochet, I remember starting ambitious cross-stitch projects (which I recently unearthed and unfinished in my sewing box), and I remember declaring the activities too boring and too girly.

My mother had a lot of patience with me. A lot.

Anyway, over the years I've steered clear of anything requiring needles and thread/yarn. Button fell off? Grab a safety pin. There, all fixed.

I've crocheted a few things as an adult, mostly toys for the ferrets to hide. They're always hideous, lumpy, and it's obvious I got bored half way through the project.

 But the twitter ladies I follow who enjoy knitting work wonders. When one of them discussed excitement awhile back about finishing a pair of socks, I was amazed. Socks? I could make weird funky socks? What else could I make? I joined ravelry to check out a bunch of patterns and I found all sorts of things. There were Tardis Kindle covers, Sherlock Holmes scarves, dragon plushies and more. That put me over the edge. I was going to get better at crochet!

There was just one problem: all the patterns I liked were knitting patterns.

So out we went last week to snag some cheap yarn and needles for me to play with. I've been messing with them on and off this week, trying to get the hang of different stitches.

I am making progress. I'm yelling at the YouTube video tutorials less and I picked up a knitting book at the library today. I'm still not very good, but I have a lot of yarn to mess with and I'm slowly creating a tangle of gray stitches, as you can see. So anyway, mom (dad, go get mom to read this. Thanks!), I'm sorry I was a massive brat about this stuff as a kid and thanks for giving me a foundation of knowledge on this stuff.


YAY! Geek Knitting is the BEST. Check it: http://wittylittleknitter.com/tardis-socks/

I don't know how to read a chart yet, but my next sweater project is going to help me fix that, I think.

I do have a really great sock book, if you're interested, and a couple others that have quick projects. (I get bored easily and want a finished product asap.)

Also, I am a knitter that always falls in love with crochet patterns. If you can do both, you'll be a goddess among us.

Ok, I'm off to track you down on Rav...

Why thank you Jenn. I'm glad to hear you are trying your hand at knitting and crocheting again. Hopefully you'll enjoy it this time around. Just stick with it and complete something. It gets easier after that. Love ya. And I beat your dad to reading your blog... Mom

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