It's Tuesday, the weather is crappy and did I mention it's only Tuesday? I mean seriously, those fading mounds of snow were snowmen created yesterday. Yesterday! With the snow melting so quickly I lament all the missed opportunities to create snowscapes worthy of Calvin.

With such crappy weather we didn't go anywhere. Not that we were really planning to, but I'm just going to say the weather cemented it.

I decided to spend my time working on crochet and knitting. I worked a little on a door hanger for the cat which is what that hideous blob of bright colors are to the left in the photo. I'm not sure how much he understood my telling him he could play with the yarn AFTER I knotted it into weird loops. And if you are wondering about the choice of colors, well, they're to match a Thing One toy he likes.

I'm making some progress on the scarf for Chris. You can see a few inches up on it when I started getting more comfortable (and wearing my wrist braces) which I think changed the stitching.

So a quiet night all in all. I should do the dishes but I'm pretty sure the crappy weather is preventing me from doing even those. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself. And avoid looking in the kitchen sink for the rest of the night.

Oh, one last thing! Adam and Comfort, creators of The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark comics, have drawn Chris and I in their upcoming Rainbow in the Dark issue!

If you had difficulty spotting us here you go!


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