I wrote a rather ambitious list of things to cook last night. So I started the day off with a hefty grocery list and I was get up out of bed early and get cooking!

About noon I finally made it to the grocery store. Lets just say that vacations with no forced structure means lots of reading and laying about. But I'm ok with that.

I started off prepping things for Chicken and Dumpling Soup. I really thought it would take me all afternoon to make it from scratch, so I wanted to start early. I was half right. It took me half the afternoon.

I'd picked up a Cornish hen instead of a whole adult chicken so that we'd have less leftovers, but now that it's all said and done I think we're still going to have a ton of leftovers. But I digress.

I actually rounded up on some ingredients (for example, entire cup of heavy cream instead of 3/4 of a cup - what was I going to do with that extra 1/4 cup?) and somehow my dumplings ended up making this much thicker than the original recipe appears to be. But I actually prefer thick soup so I'm happy this is thicker rather than runnier.

It ended up super tasty and hours later my mouth is craving more even though my tummy has no room.

Here's a small slideshow of the pictures I took while making it this afternoon.

And then I started on the next project....
Also on my list was something sweet and spongy; marshmallows. Honestly, ever since Chris came home with delicious treats Erin made a few months ago I've been dying for an excuse to make some. The peppermint honey bear from yesterday put me over the edge (hot chocolate + marshmallows + peppermint honey? I have to try this). Plus she recently mentioned on twitter making champagne marshmallows which sounded like a delicious idea. Unfortunately I forgot to pick up the champagne (I always forget at least one thing when I go grocery shopping).

The whole process wasn't as messy as I'd anticipated (thank you recipe for forewarning me!). The hard part is waiting to actually cut up and use the marshmallows! Here's a quick slideshow of the process.

I also made some meatballs and shoved them in the freezer for quick tasty ravioli at a later date. I'll have to save this braided lemon bread recipe for a later date since it's really too late to start this one. I'm also going to have to get my butt in gear and try to make those peppermint patties and chocolate dipped peanut butter crisps!


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