We bought a mini-cupcake maker yesterday. I don't have a good reason for purchasing such a device, other than my co-worker raves about how much her kids love theirs and the fact that it was on clearance with a decent coupon on top of it. Sub $10 I suppose is worth checking it out.

And yes, I do actually have mini-muffin tins that I use so this device is almost redundant. But I digress...
I used a box of cake mix I'd actually bought for Chris's birthday last year. It was an emergency box in case my attempt at a home made chocolate cake ended poorly. It's been sitting in the back of the cabinet ever since.

By the way, a box of cake mix will yield a lot of mini-cupcakes....
I do still have a can of frosting as well from last year, but I decided to use up some cream cheese and other ingredients and make some home-made frosting.

I also thought I'd be fancy and try to make a piping bag at home and coat the mini-cupcakes all fancy. Yeah... That didn't work.
Still, the cupcakes came out cute. I even messed with some food coloring and made a few blue ones that remind me of smurfs.


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