It's Tuesday and the first official day "vacation" day of the work week. Today is the only day we really have plans (for the four days we're not working) and those plans are driving to Flint to see Adam and Comfort.
It wasn't long after we go there that Chris was demonstrating all the new magical apps he'd downloaded to his iPad recently.
After a little while we headed to downtown Flint to check out the much raved about Flint Crepe Company. It's a very adorable little restaurant with a hipster bistro feel. To top it off they're using iPads and Square to take credit card purchases.
They even sell Calder Dairy & Farm milk in fancy glass bottles. They remind me of the Shelter Family Dairy milk I fell in love with from up north (seriously, their chocolate milk is like liquid ice cream). Adam and Comfort really liked it.

We headed back to their place for some awesome entertainment ala RiffTrax. Seriously, they really do make horrible movies better.
Before we headed home we stocked up on Withers Mountain Honey Farm honey. I've also learned that there are early and late season flavors that taste very different. I really liked early season, but for cooking purposes I think the more robust and stronger flavored late season will go better with granola and the like. Next time I'm out there though I'm going to snag some early season too, just to have both (going into this I didn't even know there were different flavors - I feel like a whole cooking experiment door has opened!).

Mr Withers was even kind enough to gift us with an adorable little bear of Candy Cane Honey. This means a lot of my hot chocolate is going to be spiked with peppermint honey, and I'm ok with that (by the way, the bear comes with a delicious sounding recipe for just this sort of beverage).
It was a long drive home and the cat was very happy to have us back.


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