It snowed a fair amount this morning. That haze? That's fine snowfall, falling fast and blanketing everything in sight.

After looking at the weather, I snuggled up and played some Mass Effect.

Eventually I got up, put some granola in the dehydrator, then promptly sat down and passed out for a few hours. Video games and reading will lull me to sleep quickly, especially if it's a video game with soothing music.

In the late afternoon we did head back out and drove around looking neighborhoods. We found a few houses we'd actually like to get into and look. So progress!
I also played around a bit more with the large knitting needles I have for a blanket I'm going to make. Previously I'd just created what amounted to a swatch to see if I was getting the size right. My gauge is a little off, but I'd say pretty close and since I'm not knitting a sweater I don't think it's going to matter too much. I spent about an hour (out of the approximate six this blanket is supposed to take) and I got a fair amount done. I think this blanket will take me longer than six hours, but since it's my second knitting project (even though my first isn't complete - scarfs take a LONG time).
Oddly  I think the "wrong" side of the blanket looks better than the purl stitch side.


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