We headed out in the morning for the east side of the state to spend Easter with my parents. We got to spend some time with my little brother.
I watched my parents fuss in the kitchen making the final meal preparations. Swedish meatballs!
Plus, while we waited, there was a delicious basket of treats to nibble from. Peeps, chocolate things, and all sorts of tastiness!
I took a photo of this butter-holding cow because it amuses me. I dont know why.

Anyway, we spent a few hours hanging out with my family, talking about various things like the new house, bad rating systems, just a whole bunch of things.
As it started to get later in the afternoon Chris and I left my parents so we could swing by IKEA and pick up a few things.

We got there around 4:45pm. They closed at 6pm.
We raced through the various sections, ignoring whole areas that we knew we didn't need anything for.
About 45 minutes later we were walking through the final warehouse setup before the checkout.  15 minutes after that we were checked out and headed to the car.

IKEA in an hour? That's my kind of shopping!
We ended the day driving into the sun. It was like this almost the entire way until we hit about Lowell. Then it was just a wall of clouds.


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