I woke up early today. Early enough to hit Marge's Doughnut Den before 7am for some tasty confections.

I was ready to start the day but after I got home and ate a few doughnuts, I passed out on the couch until around 11am. The cat, kindle, and blanket are a pretty terrible combination for me if I want to do anything other than nap.
"We" put together the patio table. I say "we" because mostly I helped bring things out to the patio then ducked back in to read my book. I'm so close to being finished with it!
Some awesome woot shirts arrived today. Hurray!

In the evening we headed over to the apartment and boxed up some more stuff. Yes. We still have more stuff to move. More stuff than I care to admit.
Then we ran a few errands and came home to set up the futon. As you can see, Leki is very excited that he has another room he can now explore.


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