This afternoon (or as it is know, crafternoon), I'm headed over to Amy's house for a coaster crafting party (inspired by pinterest).

I have a lot of random coasters, but I'm always misplacing them. So this is a good opportunity to hang out and make some weird coasters.
Originally I thought about some Doctor Who themed coasters (Tardis, Dalek, c'mon people!). Then I thought that dragons might be a good idea. I mean, I love dragons enough that I have dragon tattoos.

But no. These would not do.
Instead I decided to go with some old paintings I really like - The Lady of Shalott and Ophelia.

I followed a helpful DIY tile coaster tutorial that involved tissue paper.

So I pulled out a gazillion sheets of tissue paper. Chris pointed me to and helped me with Inkscape to get two 4x4 tiles set up on a sheet of paper.

We tried to feed the tissue paper (taped to card stock) through his color printer but no luck. So I ended using my printer and doing the whole thing in black and white. I tweaked the photos a bit to give them more contrast, but even still Ophelia is still as easy to make out as The Lady of Shalott.

Amy lives very close to me. Like, within walking distance. So on such a beautiful day I walked over to her place. I met the very funny and amusing Regina and had a good time with everyone while gluing paper to tile.
After the coaster crafting party I came home and decided that I should do another coat. So I slathered on another layer of some weird glue called Mod Podge.
They don't look bad, although part of me wishes they'd been in color. 

Now all that's left is to spray on some clear coat, attach some felt, and we can start using these coasters.


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