I love Leki. He's an adorable, cuddly cat. He mostly loves people, food, and being inactive. He was a terribly inactive kitten and as a four year old he's not any better. Honestly, the only time I've seen him move really fast is to beat up my parents dog, who out-weights him by quite a bit. As a result of his inactive lifestyle he has some padding he shouldn't have and, quite honestly, he's slowly turning into a fat house cat.

That's not what I want.

I call him sausage-meow-meow, or sausagey. It's a good thing he doesn't understand what I'm saying because his ego would be crushed.

I'm hoping that with the new house, which has several half flights of stairs, that he'll start to slim down. We're not feeding him any more than usual and he's certainly more active than he was in the apartment. I mean, he has to go down two levels to use the litter pan. That's bound to do something, right?

Here's hoping he gets less sausagey in the new house.


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