With a new house comes new shopping requirements, such as lawn gear. Combine that with an awesome coupon and that sent Chris and I on a far too long (for my taste) shopping extravaganza.

We picked up a crazy amount of stuff for in and out of the house, including weed killer. So Chris mowed the lawn and then blanketed the yard in week killer (which our front yard is mostly comprised of).

We also bought a new vacuum cleaner. The one we have now is one my parents bought me about 7 years ago. It works ok, but it really hasn't cleaned as well as it used to in the last several years. I've tried replacing filters, belt, and other things but nothing has really helped.

So this time we decided (with the aid of a sale and coupon) to try a Dyson. Wow that thing is light. Amazingly light. We took turns messing around with it. In fact the only one who didn't appreciate was the cat, who promptly buried himself on a shelf in the basement.

Once the vacuum was off the cat relaxed and came out to do what he does best - snuggling.


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