After a gazillion recommendations online to catch Cabin in the Woods, we went to the cheap showing this morning at the one and only Star Theatre in Grand Rapids. Awesome flick. Seriously. I was avoiding it because I assumed it was going to be like Saw.

If I had to pick anything I'd say it was more akin to Scream, although it was not Scream.

Ok, that's all I have to say. Just go see it.
Yesterday I lamented that my weird taste in welcome mats was vetoed. Today, on our way back from the movie, we swung by the store to pick one up. WE HAVE RIDICULOUS OWLS NOW! I'm more excited than I should be for a crazy looking welcome mat.
After the movie I spent a chunk of the afternoon setting up my portion of the office. We had to make a trip to the apartment to snag one thing (which turned in to several things since we were there) and BAM! I had a desktop setup again.

The cat was mostly helpful in his "let me explore everything" kind of way. I tried to set up a small area for him to lay on next to me (as he often insists on having) but he's snubbed it in favor or walking on the wainscot (at least I think that's what that stuff is called).


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