So after reading an article on The Atlantic about a game developer, Jonathan Blow I thought I'd look up Braid. I'd heard things about it years ago and I am a fan of puzzles and side-scrollers, so why not?

So I was super excited to discover I'd actually already purchased it in a Humble Indie Bundle. That sounds weird, right? Shouldn't I already know I own it?

See, Humble Indie Bundle takes a bunch of indie games, bundles them together, and lets you pay what you want for the set. They're DRM free and usually available across multiple platforms. What's not to love? So I've bought several bundles. The only problem I have is I have a lot of little indie games now and I don't always remember which ones I have and which ones I don't. I haven't played through them all either. I remember most of their names but Braid is one I can never remember. Do I own Braid or was I just confusing it with Kraid (Metroid villian)?

Anyway, I've been playing it a little bit on an off the past few days (wrists be damned!), enjoying the music, backgrounds, and time-traveling bit. I love Metroid and other quiet, solo games so this is right up my alley (though I guess you could argue that the latter Metroid games are getting less and less solo). Anyway, fun game, glad I already owned it.

Also, I now feel super guilty at not playing the rest of the indie games I have. And then have another Humble Indie Bundle up right now! Although I own two of the 5 they currently have up. Still....


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