Chris has a pretty awesome coupon for grocery, so we did the most intense grocery shopping I've ever done in my life. We stocked up on every single dry good, canned good, and frozen thing that will last awhile that we could think of.

I'm not huge on shopping (unless it's ducking in an out of something like IKEA super fast - I like mission-based shopping) so I was pretty exhausted by the end of it.
While I recovered from shopping (aka played some Mass Effect 2), Chris did some yard work.

I was so into playing the game I didn't actually realize how long he'd been gone or that he wasn't even in the house. Oops.
Also, Chris is pretty sure I made my Shepard character look like Claudia Christian as Ivanova from Babylon 5. I think he's right. 

I'm sorry, I just can't in good conscious design a character with floppy hair that will get in her eyes. That is just silly. It also drives me nuts when movies and TV shows have women spinning around shooting and ass-kicking but their hair is down to the butt and free flowing.

Yeah, cause in real life that would never cause a problem.....

(I realize that hair is often long because long hair is seen as "feminine" whereas short hair is not - but that's a whole other issue for a whole other blog post.)


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