It's been awhile since I've been out to Siedman Park. Living so close to other parks, I find myself visiting them more often those on the east side of US-131. But with the day off and clear skies ahead, we decided to take one of the nature paths there and enjoy the afternoon outdoors.
There were a lot of mosquitoes out and about, ready to suck our blood, but we were still able to enjoy the greenery and quiet.
Plus it was an excuse to bust out my digital SLR, which it's been awhile since I've used. It does take better photos but man, do smart phones take pretty decent pictures these days.

The top and bottom are from the digital SLR and middle is from my smart phone. It's easier to play with color balancing on the SLR, and choose what to focus on, but the ability to snap a photo and instantly share makes it easy to fall back on the phone.

But I'm glad we went and with the next several days off of work, I look forward to carrying it around to different parks around Grand Rapids.


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