I love my Pebble Watch. It's been an awesome gadget to wear on my wrist. But as can sometimes happen, especially with the first run of a new product, there are issues.
In early May I started experiencing some light artifacting on the screen. At first I ignored it since it seemed to go away when I scrolled through text on the screen. Eventually it started to get so bad I couldn't actually read anything.

There would be days where the device would work perfectly fine, and then others where it would not, and the issue was getting gradually worse.

So I submitted a ticket late May through the Pebble Watch website, went through the steps to reboot the device in the hopes that it would clear it, and after a few emails back and forth it was determined that it was an issue with the hardware so Pebble RMA'd it.
They sent me a shipping label and I sent my Pebble back in late June. I received a shipping notice this week that a new Pebble Watch was on it's way and today it arrived.

The whole RMA process from start to finish with Pebble took about seven weeks. For a small company still shipping out Kickstarter Pebbles and just recently launching with Best Buy as a retail partner, I didn't feel that the turn around time was unreasonably long.

I'm excited to have a Pebble Watch back on my wrist! Now to just replace the watch band Chris stole for his watch...


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