So earlier this week Guild Wars 2 launched some new content for July - Bazaar of the Four Winds. It feels like there's one part Cantha injected into the whole thing, which is nice since I would love to see more Elona and Cantha content in Guild Wars 2. Elona especially. I loved that section of the Guild Wars world.

Anyway, there is a zephyr flying high in the sky...
 ...crazy heights to scale to collect crystals...
...and new items to score at the end of jumping puzzles. I'm not good at or a fan of jumping puzzles, but I've been having some success and fun with this new content.
In fact, I'm having enough success that I'm willing to scale other things not related to the new content. If this latest patch has done anything for me, it's taught me that I can and will scale ridiculous heights with my norn for no reason other than I feel confident that I can.

So I've been enjoying Guild Wars 2 off an on today and throughout the week. It's an amazing online game and the fact that it has zero monthly subscription makes it gold to me. Not everything added is just a holiday or temporary content, and that's what is really awesome to me. There is regularly added content that continues to shape and change the environment and that's honestly not something you see with online games outside of an expansion you have to pay for (which there will also be for this game, no doubt).


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