So after the disaster trying to sew kobo cases and having the old machine I own jam constantly and spark, it was decided a new machine was needed.

Today we went out to look at some sewing machine dealers and to see what was out there.

I was kind of hesitant to get a computerized one since I was familiar with mechanical but after seeing a demonstration of the computerized I decided the ease of stitch changing, width adjustment and the automatic buttonhole, computerized was the way to go.

So we ended up with a Janome 3160QDC. I managed to sew little pouch and eventually got the automatic buttonhole working. It's fairly quiet and pretty straight forward to thread. A lot less cumbersome than the old Kenmore I had. Plus, it weighs a lot less. I dont feel like it is going to fall out of it's case and break my foot while carrying it around.

So now I just have to get a lot better at sewing. A lot. But luckily for me the place where I bought the machine offers lessons on the machine for free and there is a new JoAnne Fabric's going up right nearby that will have classes as well.

Soon we will have more carrying cases than we will know what to do with!


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