Last night I was really annoyed about the Kobo case. I even dreamt about the stupid thing.

So the first thing I did when I got up this morning was go downstairs and cut more fabric.

Then I wrestled with the machine for a bit, screaming at it for constantly jamming. At one point I had to manually wind a bobbin because the bobbin winder on the machine I have is broken, apparently.
 Eventually the case was complete. And noticably larger than the last one. Since the first go I measured only 1/2" around the Kobo, this time I gave myself a full inch. I'd accidentally stitched in too far on the last one and the case was too snug.
 This time around the Kobo fit into the case easily.
Actually...a little too easily. It's pretty loose inside, as you can see.

Since I still wasn't confident about this case, I didn't bother to sew in a flap or anything else, so as it stands now the case doesn't close. It will work for my purposes but eventually I'll have to try another again. That's if I can get the machine I have to stop jamming. And find a way to wind bobbins. Maybe if I use a drill to spin it....

What I probably need is a newer machine. One that doesnt have a rotting belt and doesn't spark every time you push the peddle.


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