Chris picked up the Leap Motion today and immediately handed it over to me to play with. I've been less excited about the device than he has. We already have a Kinect and I suspected the Leap may be over-hyped.
It's certainly a cute device. Small and fills up very little desk space. You're supposed to position the thing in front of your keyboard which is exactly where I would not want such a device, but with it's size it's relatively non-intrusive.
Start up takes you through some visualization and calibration of the device....

...and then it's away you go! Into the app store for the Leap Motion and on to do different things. There is a painting program, various little games, and some other random things. 
The Leap Motion has just hit retail, so in terms of applications there isn't a whole lot out there yet. The Touchless for Windows is kind of interesting. It lets you scroll through web pages, flicking your hand up and down. It doesn't work as smoothly as you'd hope, but it's neat none the less.

The first thing I did was launch Guild Wars 2 and see how easily I could control the camera. Much less friendly than the Kinect was playing LOTRO, but then far less setup as well. There is certainly potential to do some basic camera pans and movement. There's even a developer working on mapping various gestures to common keybindings. His program is called Game Wave. It's not out yet, but it's great to see that there's interest in developing such a thing. 

I don't see a whole lot of new scrolling by hand in my future, but I could certainly see playing with some other gesture based commands. I'm not entirely sure what yet, but there may be something in the future that is more friendly on tendinitis that I discover. 

in the mean time I'll have to investigate how to get the Leap Motion to switch seamlessly between multiple monitors...


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