With the long weekend I thought I'd try an tackle a new sewing project. The last one was somewhat disastrous, but you never get better if you don't try, practice, right?

Making a Kobo case seemed like a relatively small project to tackle. Something I could do without wanting to scream.

Leki was very helpful when measuring everything out.
I cut the fabric wrong a few times but finally, everything was right. In the future I will have to remember that it is very important to scratch out the wrong measurements - not just flip over the paper, which is of course easily flipped back over.
I spent several hours trying to decide how to sew everything right. There was a lot of stitch ripping and screaming. On top of that, the ancient sewing machine I'm using jammed more than I feel is normal. I'm not sure if I threaded it wrong (I even watched internet videos after it kept jamming and everything looked right) or if this sewing machine from the 70s is on it's last leg.

I did have to hand sew the top since the machine eventually just wouldn't do more than a stitch without jamming. Again, I'm not entirely sure if it's me and my frustration or the machine. I'm unfamiliar enough with sewing machines that I really can't tell. All I know is that the motor spun and the belt didn't.
Eventually the pouch was done. And man, is it snug.

Without batting, the Kobo fits perfectly. Of course, once you add batting it's kind of difficult to get the thing in there. For now, if I have to take the Kobo anywhere, I will be able to and feel ok about it. But I probably wont want to actually take it out of the case since that means wrestling to get it back in.

So...I guess I'm going to have to try to sew another one.


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