I genuinely do like the Kinect. The problem with the Kinect is that is has relatively high space requirements. Essentially the device wants to be used in a room where you can comfortably stand 8ish feet away from it. In the apartment and in the house we don't actually have the room with the TV set up for that kind of extra space to bounce around in front of a couch. So I don't actually use it very often.

This week we moved all of the furniture out of the TV room and into the hallway (making it impassible) to mess around with the Kinect. It was fun to play with it again and the cat just enjoyed hanging out in a room with things that got moved around. He loves new things.

I'm a little surprised at the space requirement with the Kinect because you'd think that Kinect would be really popular with 20-somethings in college. And typically 20-somethings don't have over-sized TV rooms in their apartments or dorms. At least, I wouldn't think so. Maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway, fun to play with it again.


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