We've had the TV room torn up for several days so that I can mess around with the Kinect. While most of the furniture has been out of the room and in the hallway (making it impossible to use part of it) Chris has been brainstorming easy ways to move the furniture in and out of the room.

Today he constructed a small simple cart to load the ottoman's we have that convert into chairs. They're kind of heavy so he was looking for a way to get them in and out of the room easier.
I also did another round attempting a better Kobo case. Each one I've put together (I've made four so far) I've assembled slightly different in an effort to make it like what I want. Each time I make a mistake and end up cutting off part of the fabric and then the case is too tight or too small. But at least this time I got to play with one of the stitches. And with each one that doesn't work for me Chris actually finds a use for it for one of his gadgets. So they're not a waste.

I'm basically trying to emulate a case that Chris bought off of Etsy awhile ago and I can't seem to figure out how they constructed. I get all of the layers, but actually sewing in the flap and the lining, batting, and outside dont seem to line up right when I do it. I'm sure I'm just not practiced enough and that's why I keep making mistakes. Luckily Chris has this bolt of black fabric that picks up all manner of fuzzies that I have been able to experiment with.


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