Today is the last day of our long weekend. I made some mango bread (which is tasty!) in the morning and in the afternoon we headed out to Holland to walk through one of the larger parks in the area.

On a map, it looks large and nature-like. But when we got there it was a pretty well manicured park with minimal trees and no dirt paths. But we walked it anyway.
Helder Park has a large field with lots of wildflowers...
 ..and insects buzzing around.

It was quiet and empty, which is odd for a summer day but maybe the heat is keeping most people indoors.
We decided to head in to Holland and check out some things and stumbled across a mall that had about 80% vacancy, and this cute Dutch Village. We didn't go in but we did snag some overpriced ice cream and fudge. It was like being on vacation without going to far!

I'm sad that our long weekend is nearly over, but I am looking forward to just a short 3-day work week and then another weekend!


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